Saturday, January 25, 2020

Best jaw harp for beginners

Is it useful to carry music instruments with you? Play around with it; keep your teeth, lips and tongue out of the way; try breathing in and out a bit during the notes, changing the size of your mouth cavity and pulling your lips back in a sort of grimace for more thin sounds occasionally; keep the tines of the jew's harp firmly against your front teeth, not between them and don't bite down.

I know very well that reaching your goals is a cliche and that it sounds tacky, nevertheless I believe that there is something real valuable buried deep in it. I wanted to be a Jew's harp maker and to be able to make a living with it, and that my musical instruments would be known all around the world.

In the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the nineteenth century, young students often play an instrument of silver (as they called maultrommel) for their serenades, somehow mimicking the role of seduction in the procession that the instrument plays in Siberia, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand and New Guinea.

This phenomenon is not reserved to European culture, because the use of the instrument in courting practices has also been observed in places such as Siberia, China, Cambodian, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Zealand and New Guinea, with several traditions in existence that use the Jew's harp during actual conversation.

In Kyrghyzstan there are some thrilling players of both the wooden string operated jygaç ooz komuz and the small outward-pointing temir ooz komuz when playing the latter type, the player presses the very tips of the frame on the teeth at an angle, tightly pursing the lips, giving soft, fluid sounds, occasionally enriched by a whistled note produced at the back of the mouth.

As far as its social standing, there is strong evidence to suggest that during the Middle Ages, the Jew's harp was not merely "an instrument among fools and beggars," as widely believed, with a late medieval painting of the Virgin and Child depicting three angels, one playing a Jew's harp, one a tromba marina, and one a fiddle, strongly suggesting that a certain level of artistic respectability existed at the time.

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